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[edit] Personal Settings for this Business


Refer to in Figure 6-32.

There are two channels in the Personal Settings module area:

  • Dashboard Channels
  • Email Notifications

[edit] Dashboard Channels

Figure 6-33
Figure 6-33

[edit] Channel Manager

The Channel Manager allows you to personalize the appearance of your dashboard. You can decide which information channels will be displayed on your business dashboard page. Choosing to display the bars or rolling the contents of the channel bars by selecting the icon at the left of the desired channel bar can control the listings appearing on the channel bars.

[edit] Add or Remove Channels

To add or remove channels of a dashboard, simply use the following procedure:

  • Go to the Business (workspace).
  • Click the Setup module on the navigation bar. The Setup Info page opens; refer to Figure 6-32.
  • In the Personal Settings module area, click the Dashboard channels button. The Channel Manager page opens; refer to Figure 6-33.
  • Choose which channels you would like active or inactive.
  • Click the Submit button to finish your modifications and return to the Setup Module page.

[edit] Email Notifications

Figure 6-34
Figure 6-34

There are two channels in the Email Notifications module area:

  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Create a Type Subscription

Email notifications or alerts are sent to inform you or other users of changes within the workspaces. Email notifications are also sent when new items are assigned to you or when you are invited to a meeting or workspace.

[edit] Manage Subscriptions

In this module area, you can add or manage notification subscriptions for this business.

Figure 6-35
Figure 6-35

This page allows you to personalize the type of email notifications that will be sent to you. You can choose to be notified immediately or have notifications batched into daily or weekly emails.

[edit] Create a Type Subscription

In this module area, you can create a subscription by module for this business (workspace).

Figure 6-36
Figure 6-36

Subscription triggers include milestones, calendar dates, new drawings, updated drawings, status changes, added documents, deleted documents, projects or subprojects that have reached completion, missed deadlines, and members removed (job change, transfer, leave). As not all events require an immediate response, you can also tailor the notice to match the importance of the event.

For more information on how to use the notification module, please refer to 7.7 Notification.

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