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[edit] Documentation

Welcome to the documentation wiki. By putting the documentation in a public wiki, we hope to encourage users to find documentation errors and help fix them.

User Documentation

Think of as a tool box full of tools - the On-line Help is like the owner manual for each the individual tools, while the User Guide is intended to be the instruction manual that tells you how to use those tools to build a bookcase.

Administrator Manual

The Administrators' section covers installing, configuring and maintaining It also includes topics such as using different languages with and customizing its appearance.

Developer Documentation

Have a great idea for a feature? Want to contribute to the development of The Developer section is for you. Learn how to obtain the source code and build your own version, how to alter the code and contribute your changes back to the source tree right here in the Developer documentation.

[edit] Help us make it better

Each page has a corresponding wiki page. If you see something that needs updating or correcting please help us by jumping in and editing it. If you read something that is not clear make a note of it on the discussion page.

The team monitors these changes and we will try to respond to these edits.

Thanks for your help.

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