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[edit] Overview of Project.net

[edit] Getting Started with Project.net


[edit] Project Managers

[edit] Plan and Define Your Project

[edit] Collaboration in Project.net

[edit] Create Your Project

Project Properties
Define Project Phases
Create and Assign Roles
Set Security Levels
Start with the wiki
Set Up the Project's Document Vault
Design Forms to Track and Capture Information
Design Workflows
Establish Discussion Groups
Prepare the Project's Resources
Invite Project Members
Define a Workplan, Task and Assignments
Sharing Tasks and Schedules
Use Templates to Save Time and Effort
Template Improvements

[edit] Track and Manage

Project Portfolios
Working with the Workplan
Assigning and Managing Resources
Monitoring Status through the Blog
Monitoring changes through Activity Logs
Access to Personal Profile information
Time Summary Report
Tracking Project Phases
Calendars in Project.net
Scheduling Meetings and Events
Working with Forms as a Project Manager
Storing Documents in the Document Vault
Project Notifications
Project Workflows
Collaborating Through Discussion Groups
Linking Information
Sharing Project News and Announcements
Using Reports to Monitor Project Status
Reporting Project Status Through Project Portfolios

[edit] Team Members

[edit] Working as a Team Member of a Project

Project.net Dashboards
Personal Settings and Notifications
Task Assignments
Time Submittal
Project Activity Log
Items Assigned Through the Workflow Inbox
Your Calendar
Defining the Worktime Calendar
Personal Document Storage
Design Personal Forms to Track and Capture Information
Development Sharing Forms
The Project Dashboard
The Project Wiki
Working with the Workplan
Project Phases
Project Meetings and Events
Working with Forms as a Team Member
Document Vault for a Team Member
Routing Envelopes in a Workflow
Access to Discussion Groups
Linking Information
Project News and Announcements
Project Reports
Viewing Project Portfolios


[edit] Index

[edit] Pnet Naming Conventions

[edit] Document Conventions

[edit] On-Line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ (beta)

[edit] Project.net User Forum

It is our belief that Project.net users know what they want in their Project.net documentation, therefore, we encourage you to edit this Wiki page and contribute your corrections and additions. If you read something that is not clear make a note of it on the Discussion tab.

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