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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal/Business/Project > Calendar > New Meeting

[edit] New Calendar Meeting

Clicking on the [New Meeting] option in the [Calendar Page] opens to the [New Meeting Page]. In the Calendar MEETING page:

New Calendar Meeting
New Calendar Meeting

[edit] Calendar Meeting

  1. Provide the required fields on
    • Meeting Name - Name to identify the meeting.
    • Meeting Host - Host name of the meeting. This is selected from the drop down options.
    • Date - Date of the Meeting
    • Start time - Start time of the meeting
    • End time - End time of the meeting
    • Facility Type - The facility type of the meeting is selected from the available options on Physical and Teleconference
    • Facility Description - Any description that is to be provided for the facility type
    • Purpose - Purpose of the Meeting
    • Description - Additional description if any for the Meeting
  2. Click on the Next button.

[edit] Meeting Attendees

  1. In the MEETING ATTENDEES page, add the attendees to the meeting using the Add Attendee button and click on [Next].
  2. There are no attendees other than the user for a new meeting the Personal Workspace.

[edit] Meeting Agenda

  1. Add the Agenda to the meeting using the [Add Agenda] button.
  2. In the AGENDA ITEM page provide entries on:
    • Agenda Item - Name of the Agenda Item
    • Time Allotted - Time allotted for this agenda item
    • Owner - Person responsible for this agenda item
    • Status - Status of the Agenda
    • Item Number - Item number of the agenda in the list
    • Item Description - Description of the Agenda Item
    • Item Minutes - Minutes of the Agenda Item
  3. Click on [Submit].
  4. The created agenda is added to the list of agenda items in the Agenda Items channel on the Meeting Agenda Page.
  5. It is possible to edit or remove any selected agenda item in the list by clicking on the [Edit] or [Remove] option under toolbox.
  6. The status of the agenda can also be altered by selecting the option from the drop down field on Status.
  7. Click on [Finish] in the Meeting Agenda page to complete creation of a new Meeting.

The New Meeting is now created and listed in the Calendar Page.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry on the Calendar Meeting.

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