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[edit] Worktime Calendar Overview

Project.net's scheduling engine takes into account a person's work week when calculating how long it will take a person to complete a task. The default working time for an individual is derived from the working time calendar for the project, generally, 800 to 1700 five days per week. An individual can override the default to define their own calendar or specify vacations and holidays. Currently, that is done on a project-by-project basis. This feature will enable users to manage their working time (work week and out-of-office/vacation times) from a single point, their personal profile.

[edit] What is the use of a Worktime Calendar?

  • Working time calendars are specific to a work plan rather than a space.
  • Additionally a resource in that project may have a separate working time calendar.
  • This leads to the usage that a work plan would have one or more working time calendars. One would be a base working time calendar.
  • This also leads to that a resource may have separate working time calendars for different work plan he is assigned.
  • If a resource does not have a working time calendar for a work plan then he uses the base working time calendar.
  • This handling has been as designed so that it can integrate well with the concepts of MSP and import/export are compatible.

[edit] What are the key features of a Worktime Calendar?

1. There will be only one working time calendar per resource.

2. Once customer accounts are implemented, a company should be able to define one or more "company" working time calendars, more specifically, company holiday calendars. For example, an international company may have different holidays depending upon where a person lives. Users will be able to choose to base their personal WTC on one of these "company" calendars, eliminating the need to list the company holidays in their own personal vacation calendar. If a date changes on a company calendar it will affect all workers who based their personal calendar on that particular company calendar.

3. A person's working time will be the union of a specific company calendar, a personal WTC and, perhaps, a project WTC.

4. Project.net will downplay the capability for an individual to define a per project WTC.

5. If in a work plan no working time calendar is defined for that resource, then it would use personal working time calendar.

6. If no personal working time calendar is defined for that resource then it would use work plan's base calendar.

7. We can also create a default working time calendar in personal profile, when a user is registered.

8. This means the currently resource working time calendar can be accessed from personal profile page.

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