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[edit] Timesheet Summary Overview

The Timesheet Summary feature will enable users at a business-level to produce a report summarizing the hours submitted for all people in that business. These hours are entered by the users as a record of their time spent on working on the tasks and the form records related to a project.

[edit] Where and How is the Report displayed?

The report will be accessed from the Business-->Dashboard-->Reports-->Time Submitted link. It will be a “one page” view containing filters at the top and data table below. Each time the user first views the page, data will be shown for the default filters of: The current month (start and end dates of the current month). Time entered for Tasks and Form assignments will both be shown.

Output type is defaulted to HTML (Excel output in sidebar).

[edit] What are the filters available in the Report?

The filters that are available in the Report can be the following:

Date Filters

In this option, the user can enter the start date and the end date to list the timesheet report within the specified period.


This filters takes into consideration all the members in the directory of the Business where the report is being run. This will also include the multi people select functionality as a filter for the report.

[edit] Can I view the totals and the subtotals of the Timesheet entry?

The report displays the time worked for each user in the business, with subtotals for each project. The online report shall display time summarized by week in columns for the time period selected. The online report will Totals for all columns and rows

A project is shown only if there was time reported against that project in the selected time period. The work week will start on Sunday, end on Saturday. The report shall show time for all project the person is a member of, not just the projects owned by the business.

[edit] More Help

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