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[edit] Time Submittal and Approval Overview

Timesheet displays an overview of work assigned and work captured. It displays the list of tasks assigned to the user in a tabular format. The user can view, add or modify the time duration in the timesheet. Timesheet displays weekly time prescribed for a certain task and their totals on a daily basis.

It gives a detailed report of tasks assigned to a user with its start and end time.

The user can view the time implemented for different tasks, add time entries, and make modifications to the tasks wherever required. The calculations of time entries are tallied across rows and down columns. The tasks are summarized into different projects to which they belong. The subtotal of the different projects and the total of all the projects are displayed in the grid.

Timesheet allows time entry for one week. It allows to blog time entry for any day of the week by selecting the date in the calendar and by displaying daily total, weekly total and Assignment total. You can view assignments by filtering and the options include current, completed, uncompleted, work captured, prior six months and future six months.

[edit] Adding and Editing Time entries

Timesheet holds information about assigned tasks. Timesheet displays weekly assignments and is grouped according to projects. You can filter assigned tasks by the following:

  • Current
  • Completed
  • Uncompleted
  • Work captured
  • Prior Six months
  • Future Six months

New time entries can be added and time entries can be modified. This includes adding or subtracting time.

1. The user clicks on the number (or blank square), and an editing field appears with the number in it

2. When the user changes the number, an inline blog-it window opens below the task

3. Consistent with Blog-it, the user must enter a message and select Submit in order to save their changes

4. New numbers including totals that are affected are shown in green until Submit is selected; then they return to black

5. To cancel the edit and return the number to their original, unedited state, the user selects [Reset]

[edit] Who can edit the time in the Timesheet?

Only the user who has access to his own timesheet can edit the time in his timesheet.

[edit] Blog entries relating to time entry

If the user edits time in the Timesheet table, a blog entry will be generated with the appropriate times. The user will have the option to enter a message.

The user can see the Blog entries that are associated with the time entries in the table, in a window to the right of the table. Similar to My Assignments, blog entries are filtered by the selections the user makes in the table.

1. By selecting a task name, the user can view all the related blog entries for that task.

2. By selecting a date, the user can view the related blog entries for that day, across tasks.

[edit] More Help

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