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[edit] Template Improvements

Improvements in the existing Template module will include the creation of a Template using the Master projects and businesses already created. Any further projects that are created from these Templates will be virtually identical to the original project from which it is created.

Templates are now available as separate lists for Business and Projects Templates.

[edit] What are the Essentials of a Template?

Most modules that exist in the original project are duplicated in the project that is created with the Template. The following are the most essential modules that need to be looked into:

1. The connection between phases and workplan must be preserved.

2. All details of a phase, including its deliverables should be preserved.

3. Links between objects, such as documents linked to a task, should be maintained, as well.

4. Users or items related to Users, such as assignments, are not saved in templates.

[edit] What need not be included in the Template?

Items not included in the Template should be handled gracefully. For example, if the master project has documents in the document vault that are linked to tasks in the work plan yet the document vault is not included in the template, then a project created from that template should NOT have links, especially to non-existent books.

[edit] Other Requirements in a Template

1. Templates can be created from an existing project

2. Empty Templates should not be created.

3. Possibility to edit the contents of an existing Template is not allowed.

4. Possibility to edit the Template's meta data like name, description, etc.

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