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[edit] Project Activity Log Overview

Whenever a user performs any action, the entry relating to the action is saved and listed in the Activity log of the project. These entries are grouped and sorted based on object type, event type and event time.

[edit] Activity Log View

All entries that relate to the current project are displayed in the Activity log. The latest entries are displayed on top of the list. This log on activity can be viewed as per options on days per page and paging options. Sorting of the entries in the Activity log based on event time is also enabled.

Activities performed in the project like blog entries, wiki page creation, document upload, image upload, edit / delete of any objects are recorded in the activity log of the project.

Activities can be filtered by date, team member and by modules like blog, wiki, documents, forms, workplan, and news. Activity log captures all activities with date and time stamps.

[edit] What are the filter options to list the Activity log?

List of entries in the Activity log can be listed on the following:

  • Team Members who are responsible for the activity.
  • Blog entries that are new, edited, deleted, commented, Posts that are commented and important.
  • Wiki entries that are new, edited, deleted and entries with images.
  • Documents that are imported, edited, checked in, checked out, folder created, deleted and moved.
  • The different categories of forms that are created, edited, deleted.
  • Workplan tasks that are new, edited and deleted.
  • News entries that are new, edited and deleted.

[edit] Blog entries in the Activity Log

Blog in the Activity log has features to expand the blog entries, view and post comments to the Blog directly from the activity log.

[edit] Other options in the Activity Log view

The other options that are available in the Activity Log view can be as follows:

  • Date range filter to select the dates for the list to be displayed in the Activity log.
  • Ability to search for specific entries on the Activity log based on the search field provided.
  • Ability to list marked and unmarked entries in the list.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] On-line Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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