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[edit] Personal Profile Overview

Each user of the Project.net application will have one profile page at the Customer Account level. The profile page uses data that is already gathered or known within the application.

[edit] What are the contents in a Profile page?

The Personal Profile page will include information on the following:

  1. Person profile with picture
  2. Person contact information
  3. Online presence
  4. Access to a person's blog
  5. Filtered list of current project membership
  6. Current work items
  7. Comments from other users in the Customer Account.

[edit] Who can access this Profile page?

All users of the customer account are able to access a person's profile page. Until Customer Accounts are available, access to a person's profile will be controlled by membership in the same project - if two people are in the same project they will be able to see each others profiles.

[edit] How to optimize the view in a Profile page?

It is important to note that the content of each profile will be filtered by the projects they both belong to (i.e. one person will not be able to see project membership, titles and responsibilities for projects they, themselves, do not belong to). Likewise, blog entries will be filtered, as well.

[edit] Where can we access the Personal Profile page?

A person's profile page can be accessed by any of the following:

  • Project/Directory/person's name
  • Clicking the author's name of any blog post or reply
  • Selecting a person's name in the Resource work area
  • Personal/My Blog menu item
  • The "View blog" action link in a personal profile

[edit] Can I edit information in the Profile page?

If a profile is being viewed by its owner, he or she will have the an additional action, "Edit Profile". This is a link to the current Personal/Setup/Profile pages, which will feature modifications on:

  • "Email Alternate 3" becomes "Skype"
  • "Skills/Bio": new free text field restricted to 300 characters and spaces (correct number?)
  • Suggested changes to two input screens in Personal/setup/profile are shown below.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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