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[edit] Using Project Forms

Once a form has been created, the form is stored in the form library and can be used repeatedly by the members of the Project. When a member who has access to these forms fills in a form, the data are stored in a data set.

[edit] What is Form Data?

Creating a Form data is essentially filling out an existing form. By clicking on a created form, you will be able to see a list of forms that have been already filled out. These are called form data or form data records.

You will see the form data number and the details of each form data.

For more information of Form data, refer Creating a Form data

[edit] Using the Views in a Form

The list view feature under forms enables to view the selected form data. It is also possible to create as many views as you like for one form so that you are able to sort and select the forms by different categories and information.

[edit] Search for Form data records

The user has the ability to search for form data records in a form. The search list will be cleared once the user leaves the module or change to another form. The search results will act like a list view; therefore the search result will be named Custom Search Result. For multiple search processes, the results will be numbered.

For more information on search for Form records, refer Search Form Records.

[edit] Collaborating Forms using Blog it

Form records are collaborated using blog-it to discuss or render information within a team in a project or business. Forms are used to track issues, decisions, requirements, features, bugs, goals, risks, and other items. When the user wants to share or discuss any of these points with other team members, the user collaborates the form record with blog-it. In assignable form records work can be captured.

Forms records created on Personal module are personally created by the user which cannot be viewed by other team members. If the user wants to share or discuss this personal form with the team members for a purpose then the users can blog-it in the form. As form records are collaborated with blog-it, they get displayed in blog list.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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