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[edit] Forms Designer Overview

Forms are an easy way to capture and track data about a Project. Data in the project may include issues, defect reports, change requests etc. It makes it easy to sort information for analysis.

[edit] Personal Forms

Just like how a project can have forms, any member of a project can have forms for his/her personal use. These forms can be designed based on the Personal use and they reside the user's Personal Workspace.

One example of a personal form would be a To Do list with Title, Description, Priority and Status.

[edit] Working with Assignable Forms

Assignable Forms can be created only by selecting the Assignments option at the time of Form designer creation. Form records created on these assignable forms can be assigned to specific members in the Project. Once this is done, the respective forms are listed in the Assignments list of the Personal Dashboard for the member who is assigned this form. This member can blog against the form that is assigned to him.

For more information on the other Form options, refer Forms Overview

For more information on Form List, refer Form List

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