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[edit] Project.net Dashboard

The dashboard is the place where an overview of all activities of the Projects or Business are made available. Each of the workspace has an individual dashboard that provides a summary of the respective workspace.

[edit] Personal Dashboard Overview

The Personal Dashboard in the Personal Workspace contains the list of all activities, tasks, assignments, meetings etc. that relate to the logged in user. It is the User's personal dashboard with different channels to indicate the list on the different modules of the application. These channels can be expanded, collapsed or closed as required by the user.

[edit] How can I access the Personal Dashboard?

  1. After a successful login to Project.net, the first page you see is the dashboard of your personal workspace. Every user has his or her own personal workspace, which is not visible to anyone else.
  2. The main page, or dashboard, is where you would typically go after you login.* This is not a requirement though. As with any browser-based tool, you can go immediately to where you want on Project.net. All you have to do is pass through the login page.

[edit] What are the different channels available in the personal Dashboard?

The available channels in the Personal Dashboard are as follows:

1. Site Status

2. Assignments

3. My Projects

4. My Businesses

5. Personal Planned Activity Metrics

6. Upcoming Meetings

7. Workflow Inbox

8. Documents Checked Out by Me

[edit] What is Site Status?

This channel on Site status contains information from the administrator on the status of the system. Details on the deployment of the system with the latest build versions and the time that these builds are automatically updated are found under this channel.

[edit] What can I find under the Assignments channel?

All assignments or tasks that are assigned to the user on the various Projects are listed under this channel on Assignments. Details here include the names of all Assignments of the user, the Project to which each assignment belongs, the percentage of completion for these assignments and the date when these were last updated. These assignments include the list on Assignments in Progress, Late Assignments, and Assignments starting in 2 days.

[edit] Can you explain the channel on My Projects?

This channel contains the list of all Projects in which the User is a member. Project list in this channel consists of the Project names, Business to which the respective Project belongs and the Overall, Financial, Schedule and Resource Status of the projects. This default view of the project list can be modified to suit the view that is defined by selecting the option under Portfolio view in the Projects Channel.

[edit] What are My Businesses?

The Business Channel in the Personal Dashboard contains the list of all the Businesses the User is a member. Details on the name of the Business, Business type and number of people in the Business is displayed.

[edit] What do you mean by Personal Planned Activity Metrics?

This channel list contains the metrics for all the activities of the user. Metrics here are calculated and displayed for the week and the month. Items of metrics displayed in this channel include Assignments in Progress, Assignments completed, Meetings Scheduled and Activity Totals.

[edit] Can I also view all my Upcoming Meetings?

This channel contains a list of all upcoming meetings that the user is invited to. Details on Upcoming Meetings include the name of the meeting, date of the meeting, start time and end time of the meeting and the status of the meeting.

[edit] What do I find in the Workflow Inbox?

The Workflow channel contains the list of the workflows with details on Current step and the last changed status of the Workflow. All workflows for which the transitions are completed are not displayed under this channel.

[edit] Can I view the Documents Checked out by Me?

Documents that have been checked out by the User are listed under this channel. Information on the Document names that have been checked out, the workspace that contains these documents and the Checkout date of the documents are displayed here.

[edit] Business Workspace Dashboard

The Business Dashboard is very similar to the Personal Workspace Dashboard and it contains all the individual sections with respect to the Business Workspace. These sections include the following:

  • Projects summary with their status information
  • Documents modified within the last 7 days
  • Forms modified within the last 10 days
  • Business News
  • Business Members
  • Upcoming Meetings

[edit] Projects Workspace Dashboard

A Project dashboard provides an overview of a Project. It functions as the main page of the Project Workspace.

A Project Dashboard will comprise of the following:

  • Project News
  • Task Status
  • Project Status
  • Phases and Milestones
  • Sub Projects
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Project Team Members
  • Changes within 5 days on Blog, Wiki, Forms, Documents and Discussions

[edit] Project News

Information about or regarding the Project that is important or interesting to all participants of the Project are displayed here. A listing of all news posted in the last 2 weeks is generally found here.

[edit] Task Status

A bar chart representing the different task status for all the tasks in the Project is displayed here. The tasks statuses here can be of the following:

1. Late Tasks
2. Tasks due this week
3. Tasks Completed
4. Unassigned Tasks

Each of these statuses are depicted with unique colors as bars to represent their status.

[edit] Project Status

Project Completion status is easily identifiable in this channel with information provided in the Project Properties page with details that include:

1. Planned Start date of the Project
2. Planned Finish date of the Project
3. Actual Start date of the Project
4. Actual Finish date of the Project
5. Completion Percent in terms of Overall Improvement, Financial status, Schedule Status and Resource status.

[edit] Phases and Milestones

This channel contains an overview and listing of all upcoming project milestones and project phases with indication of start, end gate dates, status and progress.

[edit] Sub-Projects

The sub-project channel will include an overview and listing of all sub-projects of the current project.

[edit] Upcoming Meetings

In this channel, all meetings that will occur in the next 7 days will be displayed until they have passed.

[edit] Project Team Members

All Team Members who belong to the project are listed under the Project Team channel in the Project Dashboard page. Online or Offline status of skype for each of the members, number of assignments that have been assigned and the last blogit date of every member is displayed in this list.

[edit] Changes within 5 days

This channel in the Project Dashboard contains the number against the list of entries against the modified Blogs, wiki, forms, documents and discussions. Modifications or changes within the last 5 days are incorporated in this section.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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