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[edit] Task Assignments

The assignment area is where your individual tasks assigned to and assigned by the user with the task statuses are viewed.

Each task is listed by assignment, space name, type, status (whether or not the type is accepted), start and end date, percentage complete, and amount of work completed (in hours and percentage). Each of these columns can be sorted.

[edit] Assignments Page

The Assignments section is where you can review your tasks, their status and enter time against a task to capture your progress. If you do not have a task for the project please contact the person responsible for leading or managing the project. Every task is listed by Assignment, Space Name, Type, Status, Percentage Complete (this is %work (effort) complete), and Assignment role. Each of these columns can be sorted.

Scheduled Tasks of all projects are aggregated to create the personal Assignment log for the user. You can update a task by selecting the particular task and updating the hours worked using the blog-it feature.

[edit] Reviewing Task Assignments

To review the list of task assignments is the option on the left of the Assignments page. They include;

  • All Assignments
  • Assignments by Me
  • Completed Assignments
  • In Progress
  • Coming Due
  • Should Have Started
  • Late Assignments

Selecting any of these options lists tasks based on these selections and helps to review the tasks as per the option selected.

[edit] Filtering Assignments

Assignments can be filtered on the basis of Projects, business and specific tasks to which the assignments belong. They can also be filtered on the basis of Assigned to me and Assigned by me status.

[edit] Accepting and Recording Task Progress

A task that has been assigned to the user is listed in this group of assignments in the Assignments page. The user can accept the task and report work status on the same. This is done by selecting the task for which the assignments are to be accepted and clicking on the Blogit option under Toolbox. The time entry fields for the task along with the Blog it details can be provided in the new Blog Entry page that is displayed. Enter the number of hours for the day or week the task is accepted and click on submit to save the time accepted for the task. The work complete percent can also be updated based on the percentage of the work completed for the task or it can be automatically updated by providing the number of hours completed on the task.

[edit] Adjusting a Task

Adjustments and changes to a task is also possible in the Assignments page. To modify details on a task, double click on the task that needs to be modified. The View task page of the task is now displayed. Click on the Edit Task option under Toolbox in this page to modify details on this task. Make the required changes and click on submit to save the modifications. The adjusted or modified task is now available in the Assignments list.

Another way to adjust a task is to change the assignor of the task. Double click on the task that needs to be modified. In the View task page of the task, select the Resources tab to change the assignor to the task. Make the required modifications and click on submit to save the changes. the adjusted task is now listed in the Assignments page.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] On-line Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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