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[edit] Workplan Overview

The workplan module is available only in the Project workspace. It is nothing but a list on the plan of work of all the members of the project with details that includes Work Hours, Duration, Start Date, End Date, Work Complete % etc.

[edit] What can I see in a Workplan?

A Workplan shows all current tasks and milestones by which the project is tracked. Apart from the list of all the tasks, the Workplan module also displays the blogs and the resources assigned to each task, and enables to modify details on them whenever required.

[edit] What are the different options available to view the tasks?

The Task list in a workplan can be viewed by choosing any of the following options:

  • Schedule View
  • Gantt View

Schedule View

The Schedule View is the default view of all the tasks in the Project. This view lists tasks in an expanded or collapsed mode with the main task and the sub tasks indented to them.

Gantt View

Choosing the Gantt view displays various symbols to represent the different types of tasks. Duration and completion status of the tasks are also displayed by highlighting them with different colors. The resource names of the resources who are assigned to the tasks are displayed against the tasks.

[edit] Can I create or edit details on the task?

Yes, most of the fields in the task grid of a workplan are editable and modifications and changes can be incorporated by clicking on the respective column and field of entry.

You can also add new tasks to add them to the workplan grid and assign them to the resources in the project.

For more information on editing tasks, refer To Edit a Task

[edit] How can I customize the task view in the workplan?

The filter function can be used to customize the task view in a workplan. Task list in the grid can be customized by providing any of the following options that are available under the Filters:

1. Nature and Status of the Tasks

2. Tasks that pertain to a period with the conditions on Start date and End date

3. Tasks categorized based on the type of the task. (Milestone/Tasks)

4. Tasks categorized on Task name

5. Tasks categorized on Work Complete percent

6. Tasks belonging to phases selected from the list

[edit] What other things can I do in the Workplan?

The Project Manager has the ability to create tasks for the project and assign members for the task. He can view and monitor the Task Progress, modify task details, organize the work, schedule work time calendars and also define the schedule decorations in the workplan.

[edit] Create a Task

A task can only created in a project (workspace). Once a task is created, it must be assigned. Tasks can only be assigned to project participants.

For more information on creating a new task, refer Creating a New Task

[edit] Recording the Task Progress

Progress on all the tasks in a project is recorded by updating the Percent complete of the work by individual resources who are assigned to the Project. The resources who are assigned the task can update the percentage of the work they have completed or the hours of the work they have completed as against the number of hours that have been assigned to the task.

[edit] Updating the Workplan

Edits or modifications to the tasks in the workplan updates the workplan. Modifications or updations to the tasks, indenting and unindenting the tasks, sharing, linking and unlinking the tasks, moving tasks up and down the grid in the workplan, and importing other MSP XML files into the project can update the project workplan on the whole.

[edit] Import MS Project Database

Tasks can also be created using project planning software from vendors such as Microsoft Project software.

As many companies work with the MS Project software, we support the import of projects from Microsoft Project versions 2000 through 2002. The project to be imported should be saved as "MPD" format. Project.net does not support import directly from "MPP" format. All tasks, milestones, resources, and assignments may be imported. During the Import Wizard, resources are mapped to members of the project space.

[edit] Search all Tasks

Please note that you can only search all tasks of a project. The search result will be in a list view. If you want to enter a task, just click on the task name itself, and the View Task Info page with the activated Status Tab opens.

[edit] Create Notification

There are several types of notifications available within the workplan module which can be configured individually for each user. The titles of the notifications are self-explanatory to ease any definition of new subscriptions and to allow a better overview of the existing notifications.

Each subscription can be named individually and a unique subscription message can be added. The notifications can be created by selecting Notifications in the Setup module of each workspace. Another way to set up notifications is to select an object’s radio button and click on the notification symbol on the action tool bar. Creating a notification in this way shows only those types of notifications that can be applied to this object.

The objects for which you can receive notification are:

1. Task assignment

2. Create task

3. Modify task

4. Delete task

5. Change task status

For more information on creating Notifications, refer [[9 0:Schedule main#[edit] To Notify a Task|Notify a Task]]

[edit] Security Settings

The ability of team members to set or change security permissions for tasks is determined by the permissions granted by the Space Administrator.

For more information on setting permissions for an object, refer Setting Object Permissions

[edit] Quick Milestone Creation

If a milestone is created with the Quick Add function, it is not assigned to any phase of the project. Furthermore, the priority is set to ’normal’, the status to ’not started’, and no dependencies and/or constraints are defined.

[edit] Create Milestones

A milestone can only be created in a project (workspace). Milestones can only be assigned to project participants. The creation of a milestone is very similar to the task creation but the work hours for a milestone is defined to '0'.

[edit] View Task Properties

To view the properties of a milestone task, select the task and click on the View properties option under Toolbox to view the properties of a milestone.

[edit] Update Milestones

Changes, modifications or updation to a milestone task is possible by choosing the Edit task option for the selected milestone task. Make the required modifications and click on submit to save changes to the task.

[edit] Search all Milestones

Please note that you can only search all milestones of a project. The search result will be in a list view. If you want to enter a milestone, just click on the milestone name, and the View Task Info page with the activated Status Tab opens.

[edit] Security Settings

The ability of team members to set or change security permissions for milestones is determined by the permissions granted by the Space Administrator.

However, team members can modify security for the milestones they created by clicking the Security button in the action tool bar.

For more information on how to set permissions to an object, refer to the Project.net Administrator’s Manual or ask your System Administrator.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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