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[edit] Project Workflows

The workflow designer allows you to create, change, or delete workflows for this project. A workflow is a process organization of activities and business processes. For example, a workflow is used for a review or approval process.

[edit] Where can I use the Workflow?

The workflow can be used when you have a document or form that needs to go through the approval process.

The workflow designer allows you to design a path through the approval process with the flexibility to add transitions that send the item back through the process to any step as many times as needed until it reaches final approval.

[edit] Add a Document to a Workflow

A selected document can be added to a workflow by providing the rules, status, priority and message for the envelope in the workflow. The selected document enters the inbox of the participant to whom it is assigned.

Only members who have permission can add form or documents to a Workflow. When a document or a form is added to the workflow it asks for creating an envelope. An envelope acts as cover to the form or document.

This envelope is sent to the member or group of members as per the Role assigned. The initial step is assigned and gets displayed in their workflow inbox.

When the initial step is performed the envelope is automatically sent to the next step. Member or group of members for that workflow will be notified which will be reflected in their inbox.

The members can abort that envelope from inbox by closing it.

[edit] Add a Form to a Workflow

From the form Designer, a new form can be created and a workflow can be designated to be used for this form design. Each form that is created with this form design is automatically included in the selected workflow. The workflow envelope is then sent to the designated participants in the initial step.

Only members who have permission can add form or documents to a Workflow.

[edit] How will I know that I have received a Workflow envelope?

When a document or Form is assigned to a Workflow, the application places it in a routing envelope, for the purpose of transporting it through the different steps of the workflow. When a person is assigned a role for a step, the envelope is delivered to that participants inbox. Project.net then automatically sends an email notification, letting the participant know that the item is in their inbox.

[edit] What should I do with the envelopes in my Inbox?

By clicking on the item in your workflow inbox, you will be taken to the workflow envelope. Here you will see the envelope properties, actions, contents, and any comments on this particular step.

Workflow Inbox
Workflow Inbox

The highlighted area indicates the current step. Also highlighted are the transitions from which the responsible person, role, or group have to select in order to activate the move to the next specified step. Notice that the transitions are listed underneath the current step box and under the select action at the bottom of the window. Comments from the participants appear at the bottom of the window.

Steps move a document or form through the workflow from the initial step to the final step(s). Upon transitioning to a new step in a workflow, the status may change depending on what you selected in the workflow.

You can create only one initial step but multiple final steps, such as "Approved," "Rejected," or "Canceled."

Be sure that the appropriate status for each final step is selected; otherwise, the envelope or workflow can never be finished or deleted.

For more information on Workflow Properties, refer More on Workflow Properties

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