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[edit] Assigning and Managing Resources

[edit] What are Assignments in the Personal Workspace?

The Assignment area is where individual tasks of the member and their statuses are viewed. Each task is listed by Assignment, space name, type, status, start and end date, percentage complete, and amount of work completed.

[edit] What are the filters available for Assignments?

The two filters that can be used to categorize the tasks are status and space. Choosing the status option filters assignments based on completed, not completed, and assigned status. Choosing the space option filters assignments based on the Personal, business and Projects workspace.

For more information on Personal Assignments, refer Personal Assignments

[edit] Tasks and Assignments

A task is an assignment that is assigned to one owner and several participants. This task can also be defined in a Phase.

[edit] Inviting Resources in a Project

Resources can be added to the Project based on the requirements in the Project. This can be done by inviting a resource as a member of the project and granting the respective roles for the Project.

For more information on Inviting a Resource refer Project Directory.

[edit] How to Assign Resources to a Task?

Any task is created in a Project. Once a task is created, it must be assigned. Tasks are therefore assigned to Project participants. This is done by selecting the required Resource from the Resource tab during task creation. Resources who are assigned to the task have the ability to define their status on the tasks assigned to them.

For more information on Assigning Resources to a task, refer Assign Resources to a task

[edit] What is the status of the task assigned to a Resource?

When a task is assigned to a Resource, it will appear in the New items channel in the Personal dashboard of the Resource or team member. The task will be accepted or declined by the Team member. If the task is accepted, it will be listed in the Assignments page of Team member.

[edit] Assigning Task to a Resource in a Project

When you are create a new project, you define the tasks of the project and its timeline. To accomplish the project as per the timeline you may need to assign different tasks to different resources based on the skill set and workload of the resources.

Project.net allows you to assign resources by selecting a task or by selecting resources from the resources workspace. While assigning a resource, by default, unit value of assignment is 100%. However, this can be changed. By assigning 100% unit, you can assign a resource full time for the task.

Project.net provides you an easy way to assign resources for the tasks.

You can assign a resource to a task at the time of task creation or you can assign a resource after finishing other tasks as per your schedule.

You can assign a task among different resources; different units can be assigned to different resources and the duration of the task can be calculated according to this resource assignment. If resources are located in different time zones then Project.net automatically calculates the task duration based on the time zones and resource work timings.

A Space administrator has the privileges then to assign tasks on behalf of his/her team member. While assigning a task to a resource, the Space administrator can view their utilization summary which will provide an idea about the resource workload. It is also possible to define the resource workload for the task.

Once the task is assigned to the resource, an email notification will be sent to the resource and the name of the assigned resource and assigned units summary is visible in the tasks details.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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