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[edit] Monitor Status using Project Reports

The report module of the project workspace allows for the creation and output of standard project reports.

[edit] Late Task Report

A Late Task Report shows all tasks whose completion date is before today, but whose percentage complete is less than 100%.

[edit] Tasks Coming Due Report

A Tasks Coming Due Report displays all tasks that are due within a specified amount of time.

[edit] Resource Allocation Report

A Resource Allocation Report displays all tasks specific resources are working on for a given period of time.

[edit] Work Completed Report

The Work Completed Report is a report that shows when assignees have done work on Assignments.

[edit] Over allocated Resources Report

An Over-allocated Resource Report displays all resources that have been allocated more than 100% on any given day in the reporting period.

[edit] Scheduled Tasks Report

A Scheduled Task Report lists all tasks in a workspace schedule according to several filter criteria.

[edit] Form Item Summary Report

A Form Item Summary Report gives summary information and counts of a single field of a form (for example, counts of different form statuses).

[edit] Form Item Time Series

A Form Item Time Series Report shows counts of unique values for a form field over a span of time.

[edit] New User Report

A New User Report shows users that have recently been invited or accepted an invitation to a workspace.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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