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[edit] Project Portfolio Overview

It is rare that a project manager has the luxury of only worrying about a single project. It is normal for a project manager to have to worry about multiple projects, all at different stages of development, all with conflicting needs. To enable you to get a view across all of your projects, Project.net provides the Projects tab. The Projects tab enables you to group projects by different criteria and view the project data you find relevant.

The project portfolio page provides a list of all the projects of the Business or Organization. Information on this list can be based on certain criteria like the resources, cost, strategic value etc. The project portfolio page provides an at-a-glance listing of all current projects and subprojects owned by the business and project workspace, along with their status and completion percentage.

[edit] Portfolio Status

The portfolio status channel in the Project.net application provides a bar graph of the different projects as against the project completion date. This status is depicted in quarters of period with due reference to the scheduled date of completion. This channel can be minimized, maximized or closed for view as required by the user. The scroll option to view contents on scroll can also be provided.

[edit] Portfolio Budget

The Portfolio Budget channel displays a pie graph of the details on the Budgeted, estimated and Total costs of the projects. Amount spent on the Projects and the amount that is remaining on the Projects are depicted with different colors for easy understanding. This is enabled only if the above costs are provided for entry in the Project Properties page for any specific project. This channel can be minimized, maximized or closed for view as required by the user. The scroll option to view contents on scroll can also be provided.

For more information on the entries to be provided in the cost fields refer, Project Properties - Financial

[edit] Project List View

List of all the Projects are available in this view which is by default the Default Tree View. This view with the list of the projects can be defined by the user in the Manage Views section. The different columns that are to be displayed in this list for the required project is also selected in the Manage Views section.

The Default view of the Project list will comprise of columns that include the following:

1. Name

2. Business

3. Start Date

4. End Date

5. Status

6. O F S R

7. Completion Percentage

The Overall, Financial, Scheduled and Resource (OFSR) status with the linear graph on the Project completion percentage can indicate the standing position of the Project at any given time.

For more information on defining the fields in the list, refer Defining the fields to display for a view

[edit] Create and Edit Project

This page with the list of all the projects also offers the feasibility to add new projects and edit the existing projects. This is possible by selecting the Create project and Edit Project options under Toolbox in the Project Portfolio page.

To change the display view of any of these channels in the Project Portfolio page is the option on Personalize Page.

For more information to Personalize this page refer Personalize Project Portfolio

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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