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[edit] Linking Information

Considering the need for collaboration and co-ordination, various objects in the Project.net application can be linked together for effective functioning. It is the common case of linking documents, forms and workflows etc to a project where these objects have the essence of a required aspect in the project functioning.

[edit] Linking a task to various objects in the application

Any task under Workplan can be linked to other objects in the application based on which they relate to. Tasks in the list may be related to a document, meeting, form records or posts. This linking is done by using the Link option that is available for the respective module.

[edit] Linking to a Workflow

Workflow envelopes pass through the cycle of users to whom they are assigned. Documents, forms or other records can be linked to the Workflow envelopes thereby enabling the movement of these objects to whom the workflows are assigned.

[edit] Linking to Forms

Form records can also carry a link to another object. This enables to provide a validation or verification of the form record to whom the object is linked.

[edit] Linking to Posts

Discussion posts can also be linked to other objects in the application. These posts can add a proof of documents, form records or meetings for the posts to which these objects are linked.

[edit] Linking to Meetings

Calendar meetings are linked to objects in the project to which they relate to. Some examples of documents that relate to the meeting can be the minutes of the meeting that can be linked to the Calendar meeting.

[edit] Linking to Deliverables

Deliverables of a Project or phase can be accompanied by other objects that relate to the same. These can be added as links to the Deliverables.

[edit] Linking Documents with Tasks, Meetings, Forms and Deliverables

Documents section in Project/Business workspace is a centralized repository for all documents related to Project/Business. It allows to upload any type of document which are specific to either project or Business. There is no limit to the size and type of documents to be uploaded. It also allows documents to be link/unlink with other objects like Task,Document,Calendar,Post,Form data, Form List or Deliverable and it is possible to add documents to Project Workflow.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] On-line Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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