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[edit] Blog Overview

This web log (blog) feature will provide integrated blogging features withing the project.net application. The technical objective of a blog is to make it reusable, pluggable so that the functionality can be separated from project.net.

[edit] What are the uses of a Blog?

Each user can create a blog entry within a project or their personal page. A blog entry can optionally be related to an item in the system (e.g. task ).

Each user should have a personal Blog which allows to record their completed work, status, and other general comments. There will only be one blog per workspace. Any team member with edit permission to the blog module can post a new blog entry. Blog entries can be read by any member with read permission for the blog module. Only the blog post author or the space administrator can edit a blog entry. Blog posts are dated and linear. The blog should be integrated with the project.net security and notification services.

A user's personal blog consists of all blog entries they have made within projects or on their personal page.

A user can view another person's blog by visiting that persons Profile Page. The Profile Page (covered by another backlog item) will be similar to a light-weight Facebook page.

[edit] How useful is the Blog in a project?

The Blog offers a major service by providing a feasibility to report daily work along with the actual hours worked on specific tasks and current estimated work remaining on those tasks.

It gives information on the status reports and recent activities within the project.

[edit] What are Blog related functions?

1. Create personal blog entry from Personal Page

2. Create a project blog entry from the Project Workspace

3. View Personal Blog

4. View Project Blog

5. View Recent Activity

6. Online log of work activity

7. Status Reports

[edit] Blogit for Tasks

BlogIt for task is the new feature for adding blog entry for task from project workplan page. Using BlogIt popup project workplan page user can post blog for selected task. The blog entry will be posted in the blog of the current space with the name of the selected task.

[edit] Blogit for Project

BlogIt for project is the new feature for adding blog entry for project from personal portfolio page. Using the BlogIt popup a user can post blog for the selected project without entering blog page of the project. The blog will be posted in the blog of the selected project directly. If the blog of the selected project is not active, it will be activated automatically before the entry is posted.

[edit] Blogit for Document

BlogIt for document is the new feature for adding blog entry for document uploaded in Document Vault. Using BlogIt popup in Document Vault user can post the blog for a selected document. The blog will be posted in the blog of the current space with the name of the selected document.

For more information on adding a Blog entry, refer Adding a Blog

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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