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[edit] Registration Overview

[edit] Login - LDAP-based Registration

If a company’s installation of Project.net is configured to use a LDAP server, the registration process is simplified. When Project.net is configured to use an LDAP server, you only need to enter the LDAP username, password, and license key provided to you to begin using Project.net.

The registration process below does not apply to you if your Project.net server is set up to use your organization’s LDAP server.

[edit] Default Registration

Before you are able to login to Project.net, you have to complete the registration process. The registration process itself has four different pages that collect information about you. As a general rule, all fields in bold must be filled in.


To join a business or a project, the business or project manager may have sent an e-mail invitation from the appropriate workspace in Project.net. If so, you can use the link in the invitation email to go to the Project.net registration screen.

[edit] Registration Process

1. Go to the login page for your Project.net server (for example, http://login.project.net).

2. Begin the registration process by selecting the Registration link on the login screen.

3. Complete the registration information.

If you do not have your license key please contact your Project.net administrator.

After you register you will receive an e-mail with a verification code. Click on the [Verification Code] Hyperlink from login page to complete registration. If you do not receive an e-mail with a verification code within an hour of registering please contact your Project.net administrator.

Once you have completed registering you will be able to login to the system from the login screen at the Project.net server.

To Create a New Account, click on the [Register] link. Before, the User could proceed with the information on Registration, the Domain to which the user has to be created will have to be selected.

[edit] Select Domain

1. In the SELECT DOMAIN page, select one of the available domains in the list to register against. The user must select one of the domains failing which the user will not be able to complete the registration process.

2. The user can change this domain at any time after registration by modifying the user personal profile.

For more information on Domain creation and usage, refer http://doc.project.net/9_0:Profile_personal_domain_migration.

[edit] User Registration Page

This page records the login information of the user which includes,

  • Login Name
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Password Reminder Question
  • Answer

This step is the first part of the security process. Each email address must have a unique username and password. Multiple username and passwords cannot be assigned to a single email address.

On providing the above information click on the [Next] button to move ahead to the LICENSE SELECTION Page.


1. Please register using the same email address where you received the invitation email.

2. Please note that the username and password are case sensitive. It is suggested you use all lower case characters.

3. You will also enter information for a "jog" question to help you remember your password in case you forget it in the future. The jog question should be considered a second Password. As Passwords are oneway encrypted, if you have lost your Password and the jog question does not help, you will have to obtain a new Password by requesting one from your Project.net administrator.

[edit] License Selection Page

Select the applicable option from among the list on a valid license type for the application. Enter the license key and click on [Next] to proceed. This License Key must be the license key that was received from Project.Net or the Project.Net's administrator.

[edit] User Name and Address Information Page

User Profile Information in this page contains the Name, Address information and Localization preferences.

1. Name includes the First Name, Last Name and the Display Name.

2. Address Information includes the Address details of the user with city, state, country and Phone number.

3. Localization Preferences includes the Preferred Language, Locale and Timezone that is applicable to the user.


1. As the time zone is stored as GMT, you can schedule meetings, view schedule dates, and check-in or check-out according to local time.

2. Phone numbers can be entered free format, with no required brackets, dashes, or dots. We suggest entering the phone number according to international standard, i.e.:

  • +1 (123) 456 7890
  • +43 (123) 1234567-123
  • + country code (area code) phone number - extension

Click on the [Register] button to register the above information.

[edit] Completing Registration

This page is the final step on registration of the user to the application. Here, the user is required to verify the Email address and the Verification code.

Verification Code is sent to the user through email on successful completion of the required fields for registration. The user can opt to Verify Now or Verify Later.

[edit] Enter your Verification code

Click on this link in the Login page of the application if the verification to the registration is not yet completed. Here, the user is required to verify the Email address and the Verification code.

Click on the [Verify Now] button and the verification process will be completed. You will see a confirmation notice if the verification has been successful. If you click the [Verify Later] button, you can restart the verification step at any time by clicking on the link in the verification email you received.


1. Remember your login name and password. You’ll need this information each time you login to Project.net

[edit] Forgotten Password

This Project.Net application also offers the feasibility to assign new passwords if the user has forgotten his existing password. The email address of the user is taken as an universal validation point to verify any changes in the login name and password. The jog question serves as an additional identifier for Project.net to verify that you are authorized to access this account.

[edit] To change the forgotten password

1. Go to the login page of the Project.net application.

2. Click on the [Forgotten Password] or [Login Name] link.

3. The Forgotten Password or Login Name Window opens. Enter your e-mail address and select the Forgot your password radio button. Click the [Next] button.

4. In the next window that opens, enter your current User name as well as the answer to the jog question. Answer this question so that it exactly matches the answer you gave when you registered on the site.

5. Click the [Next] button to finish the occurrence. Wait for an e-mail with your new password that will be sent to the address you used when you registered with Project.net.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

It is our belief that Project.net users know what they want in their Project.net documentation, therefore, we encourage you to edit this Wiki page and contribute your corrections and additions. If you read something that is not clear make a note of it on the Discussion tab.

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