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[edit] Create and Assign Roles

[edit] People and Roles

Every member of a project has a set of permissions and capabilities based on the role of the member. Depending upon the permissions granted under a role, a user may be restricted from accessing certain areas of a project, such as a specific portion of a project's document vault. Roles can also grant or restrict editing capabilities for things like a project's work plan. For example, if you are working with an outside partner you may invite that partner to the project but give the partner a different role than your internal development team in order to restrict what he or she can do.

Roles can also be used to easily distribute information. Project team members can send an email message to everyone with a specific role from within a project's directory. Project.net notification messages can be designated to go to every project teammmember with a named role. Workflow notifications can be delivered based upon a defined role.

[edit] Pre-defined Roles

There are three roles that are pre-defined under Project.Net:

  • Space Administrator
  • Power User
  • Team Member

Space Administrators have unrestricted access to a business or project, a Power User is almost equal but may not be able to create new projects or make or adjust security restrictions, for example. The Team Member role is the most restricted and is limited to View-only access. You can view and adjust these permissions on a project-level basis in the Security option under Project Setup. These actions can be modified if required.

[edit] Custom Roles

You can modify the pre-defined roles or, if you prefer, create new ones. The roles are defined on a business-by-business or project-by-project basis, although you can save them into a template, which you can use when you create a new business or project.

Project.net allows to create new roles and inherit roles from related workspaces or roles containing all members of the system. The 'Roles' tab in the Directory module displays all roles listed for the Business/Project with total number of members in each role.

Columns in the Roles tab include,

1. Role Name

2. Number of Members

3. Description

4. Option to send mail to the selected Role.

For more information on roles see the Project.net help, Directory - people and Directory - roles and

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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