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[edit] Creating a Project

Anybody who is registered into Project.net and is licensed to user the application can create a Project. This user who creates the project can invite other members to the project, assign different roles to these members and define the object permissions to them as required.

[edit] To create a Project

[edit] Step 1

Select the Project tab in the Menu. Clicking on the New Project option in the Toolbox of the project list page enables creation of a new Project.

[edit] Step 2

Fill in the necessary fields. All required fields for the creation of a Project are in BLACK.

  • Project Completion Calculation methods
  • Project visibility definitions
  • Details on Current Project Status
  • Other Project Properties

All they are required for the creation of a New Project.

When the fields are correctly filled in, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.

[edit] Step 3

All the entries provided are now listed in the Project General and Properties tab, where the confirmation on the creation of the Project is provided by clicking on the Finish button.

Thus the project is created and available among the list of projects in the Project list page, in the Project tab in the Menu.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

It is our belief that Project.net users know what they want in their Project.net documentation, therefore, we encourage you to edit this Wiki page and contribute your corrections and additions. If you read something that is not clear make a note of it on the Discussion tab.

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