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[edit] Invite Project Members

Normally, a user must be invited to a business or project in order to access that entity and its resources. While there are options to let members of a business see all projects owned by that business, the users still need to be invited to any of the projects in order to access them. If you wish to let all registered users access a business or project you will need to use Global Visibility and the Everyone role described later on this page.

Any number of members can be added to a Project; this is known as inviting them to participate in the project. Someone must be a project participant to access or even see the project. When someone is invited, you specify the role(s) or permissions he or she will have in this business or project. For more information on roles refer to Creating and Assigning Roles

You can invite both existing registered users and people who have not yet registered with the system. For existing users, inviting them to a project will add it to their list of projects; unregistered users will receive an invitation to register with the system.

[edit] Suggested Best Practice

Invite all team members to a top-level business that will act as the Business Owner for all of the projects. That way, when you invite team members to a project you can use the Search a Directory option to list everyone in the business directory and select the desired users from the list, rather than invite them using their email address. Just leave the Name: box blank when you Search to get a complete listing of the business' directory.

[edit] To invite a member to a Project

To invite a member to a project, click on the [Invite Member] option under Toolbox in the DIRECTORY page of the application.

Members can be invited into a Project in the following two ways;

[edit] Search a Directory

The [Search a Directory] option to Invite a member into a project contains the fields on Directory and Name. Select the required field in the drop down field on Directory, enter the name in the specified directory that is to be searched and click on the search icon in this tab. You can leave the Name: box blank when you Search to get a complete listing of the business' directory.

List of participants based on the search criteria are displayed. Select the participants who are to be included in the current project and click on the [Add Selected] button. The role of the selected participant is provided in the MEMBER INFORMATION page by clicking on the [Next] button. Click on the [Invite] button in the channel bar to add the participant to the list of members of the project.

[edit] Invite By Email Address

This option in the DIRECTORY page is used to invite a participant to a project by providing the email address of the participant. Use this option to invite someone who has not yet registered with the Project.net server so the system will email an invitation and instructions for registering. You can also invite a registered user in this manner if you do not know their Project.net user ID.

In the available fields to invite, enter the First Name, Last name and the Email address and click on the link on ADD TO INVITEE LIST. Provide the roles of the participant in the MEMBER INFORMATION page and click on the [Invite] button to invite the selected participant.

By default, a participant is invited to the project as a Team member. The user can opt to provide the role of a Space Administrator or Power User as required.

Participants invited in both ways are listed in the Directory page of the project.

Choosing the specific role in the Roles tab will list all the participants who belong to the respective role.

[edit] Using the Import Members option

The Import members option enables to import members from an existing file to a business. The file to be imported here can of the following types:

  1. xml - This is the MSP XML file.
Sample of XML File

<Name>User1 Test</Name>


<Name>User2 Test2</Name>



  1. vcf - VCF is the standard contacts file exported from email clients like Outlook Express.
  2. csv - This file will contain the number of columns with the fields, the header rows for the column names and the fields for the columns. These columns and the fields will be formatted in the specified format.
Sample of CSV file


Browse for a specific file that belongs to this category and choose the [Upload] button to load the member list to the business. The members from the imported file are now added to the business.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] On-line Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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