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[edit] Collaboration in Project.net

Project.net is a collaborative project portfolio management tool designed for global organizations from different industries. It is a complete web-based enterprise project management application that helps companies plan, execute and deliver on their entire portfolio of projects. Project.net is used in different ways, allowing people to work more efficiently at minimal cost while still completing work as planned.

To maximize the performance of any organization, team collaboration and proper team management plays an important role. Now, in many organizations project teams are spread into different departments, locations and time zones. It is necessary to have one centralized system where all team members can communicate, share information and accomplish tasks. Project.net helps you achieve this goal by providing collaborative project management tools such as wiki, blog, Skype integration, document sharing, document versioning, forms, calendars and discussion module.

Project.net delivers the real-time reporting that improves communication between team members and keeps distributed projects on track.

[edit] Collaborative tools in Project.net

[edit] Wiki

Wiki records the updates of the project and clearly communicates the project goals to the team members. It allows the team to maintain all the critical documents and project plans in one central repository. This keeps the project on track and saves time searching important information.

[edit] Blog

Team members create blog posts to record their status, recent activities or completed work. Blog posts can be tied to specific tasks and tracking database items, keeping a complete record of activity associated with that item. Blogs make project planning and execution easier than ever.

[edit] Documents

The Document vault stores all the project related documents such as specifications, CAD designs, vendor contracts, proposals and presentations. A document versioning system is also available in the document module. Team members can share/link documents to a project task.

[edit] Discussion Groups

Project managers can establish threaded discussions for each project. The centralized discussion board allows team members to consolidate thoughts and ideas and share running commentary with other team members.

[edit] Project Calendar

Project calendar displays events, tasks and meetings of the project. The project calendar is shared with all team members, so items that appear on your calendar also appear on the calendars of all the team members. Project.net provides you the ability to share calendar with other programs.

[edit] Forms

You can create any number of custom forms and share them with all project members. Project.net also allows you to add forms to the project workflow.

[edit] Automated Email Notifications

This feature promotes fast communication within a team. With some project activities, team members will receive an automated email notification. For example, a team member will receive an email notification when a new task is assigned or when the member is invited for a project.

[edit] Activity Module

Team members can view recent activities and submit comments about the project in the activity module. It helps to track the project progress and improves communication between project members.

[edit] More Help

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[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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