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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal > Timesheet

[edit] Timesheet Overview

Timesheet entry
Timesheet entry

Timesheet is in essence a spreadsheet. It is a page where the user can see their time entries, add new entries or edit existing entries in the table form.

All the tasks pertaining to the user are listed in rows and columns in this window represent the dates. The user can view the time implemented for the different tasks, add time entries for the tasks and make modifications wherever required. The totals of the time entries are tallied both across and down. The tasks are summarized into the different projects they belong. The sub totals of the different projects and the the total of all the projects are displayed in the grid.

[edit] To create a Timesheet entry

To create a time entry for a task:

  1. Select the task and the date for which the time entry needs to be created.
  2. Click on the cell where the entry has to be made.
  3. A blogit entry is also created with every time entry in the grid.
  4. Click on [Submit] in the blog window to save the time entry with the message on the blog.

[edit] Editing a time entry

The timesheet by default displays the weekly assignments grouped by project. It is also possible to filter the assigned tasks using the following filters:

  • Current
  • Completed
  • Uncompleted
  • Work Captured
  • Prior Six Months
  • Future Six Months

To update a task in this timesheet, click on the task grid, change the hours and write a blog it message to explain the change. On submit the changes are saved.

  1. The user clicks on the number (or blank square), and an editing field appears with the number in it.
  2. When the user changes the number, an inline blog-it window opens below the task.
  3. Consistent with Blog-it, the user must enter a message and select [Submit] in order to save their changes.
  4. New numbers including totals that are affected are shown in green until [Submit] is selected; then they return to black.
  5. To cancel the edit and return the number to their original, unedited state, the user selects [Reset].

[edit] Export to Excel

The entries in the timesheet can be exported to excel to be saved for future use. This is done by selecting the option on [Export to Excel] from the Toolbox options.

[edit] Timesheet Menu

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry for the users time entry.
  • Export to Excel - Selecting this option allows the user to export the timesheet entry details to Microsoft excel.

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