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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Workplan > Properties > Tools

[edit] Tools


All the Tools that are available to be used on the task list for any modifications or distribution are listed on choosing the Tools tab under Schedule Properties.

The different tools that are available here are;

[edit] 1. Resequence All Tasks

This tool changes the sequence number of every task to fix problems with sequence numbers not matching the hierarchy of tasks. This tool will erase any reordering you might have done to your tasks, so it should be used with caution.

[edit] 2. Recalculate Schedule

This tool recalculates the start and finish dates of all tasks in schedules with the "Automatically calculate end dates" option turned on.

[edit] 3. Find Inconsistent Tasks

This tool finds tasks whose start date is greater than end data or whose work complete is greater than work. To fix such tasks one would have to modify them again.

[edit] 4. Find tasks with Inconsistent Assignments

This tool finds tasks whose work or work complete is not correctly distributed among its assignments. These are the tasks whose work is not equal to the total work distributed among its assignments or whose work complete not equal to the sum of unallocated work complete and total work completed by its assignments. To fix such tasks one would have to reassign or modify them again.

Click on the [Run Tool] against any of the above tools to perform its function on the task list.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on the tools used in a workplan.

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