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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Workplan > New Task or Edit Task

[edit] Edit Task

[edit] To Modify a Task

Edit Task
Edit Task

1. Go to the PROJECTS tab

2. Click on the name of the project

3. Click [Workplan] in the Project submenu

4. To edit Task parameters

5. Highlight the task you wish to edit

6. Click [Edit Task] in the Toolbox

7. Edit the task information which includes the following:

Fields Description
Name Task Name with which it can be identified
Description Short Description of the task
Priority Choose among the options on Low, Normal and High
Phase Select the required phase from the drop down if the task is connected to a phase
Calculation Type This can be selected among the options on Fixed Duration, Fixed Units, Fixed Work
Effort Driven Checkbox against this option to define the task as effort driven
Start Date Estimated Start date of the task
Finish Date Estimated Finish date of the task
Actual Start Date Actual Start date of the task
Actual Finish Date Actual Finish date of the task
Duration Based on Hours, days and weeks
Work Based on hours, days and weeks
Work complete Based on hours, days and weeks
Work complete % Enter the percentage of work complete
Milestone Checkbox to indicate that the task is a milestone task
Constraint Type Select any from the options that are available in the drop down
Constraint Date Constraint date if the constraint is fixed for the task
Deadline Date Deadline date if the deadline is defined for the task

8. Click [Recalculate]. If there are no errors, click [Submit]

9. To edit Resources on a Task

10. Click on the name of the task you need to edit

11. Click on the Resources tab. Make necessary changes to the pertinent fields Click [Update].

12. If there are no allocation errors, click [Submit]

The Task has now been modified.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry on Task Edit.

[edit] Edit Task Menu

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