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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business > Projects > Edit Project

[edit] Project Properties

Any changes that needs to be done to the existing details of a project can be done using the [Edit Project] option in the Project list window.

[edit] To view Project Properties

1. In the selected Project Dashboard, click on the [View Properties] option under Toolbox.

2. The PROJECT INFORMATION page is now open with all details of the project.

The different channels available in page can be classified into,

[edit] General

Project General Properties
Project General Properties

This section of Project Properties includes all the general properties of the project that is provided at the time of project creation.

They may be;

Support code An application generated id for each project that is created.
Project Name Name of the Project. This is a mandatory field.
Brief Description A Brief Description on the Project.
Project ID A user specific ID that is provided to the created Project.
Business Workspace Name of the Business to which the Project belongs
Project Logo Image name that depicts the logo of the Project
Project visibility The condition on which the visibility of this project is defined.
Customer Customer Name for the Project.
Project Manager Name of the Project Manager of this project.
Initiative Initiative for the Project.
Functional Area Functional Area of the Project.
Priority Priority of the Project.
Risk Rating Risk Rating of the Project.
Project charter Definition on the scope and objectives of the Project.

[edit] Project Status

Project Status Properties
Project Status Properties

The project status displays the status of the selected project as on date the properties of which are viewed. Details here include;

Start Date Start Date of the Project.
End Date End Date of the Project.
Overall Completion Overall Completion percent as on date.
Overall Status Overall status of the project as on date. Options here include,
  • Not Started
  • In Process
  • On Hold
  • Completed
  • Proposed
  • In Planning
Overall Improvement Overall improvement of the Project as on date. Options here include,
  • Improving
  • No Change
  • Worsening
Financial Status Financial Status of the Project as on date. Options here include,
  • Improving
  • No Change
  • Worsening
Schedule Status Schedule Status of the Project as on date. Options here include,
  • Improving
  • No Change
  • Worsening
Resource Status Resource Status of the Project as on date. Options here include,
  • Improving
  • No Change
  • Worsening
Current Status Description Status Description of the project as on date.

[edit] Financial

Project Financial Properties
Project Financial Properties

The Financial tab contents under View Properties lists information on finances for the project.

Default Currency The default currency that is used in the Project.
Type of Expense Type of expenses that are incurred for the project.
Budgeted Total Cost The Budgeted Total cost for the project.
Current Estimated Total cost Current Estimated total cost of the Project.
Actual Cost to Date Actual Cost that has been incurred till date.
Estimated ROI Estimated Return on Investment of the Project.
Cost Center Definition of the Cost Center responsible for the agreed level of output.

[edit] To Edit a Project

1. Select the project that is required to be modified.

2. Click on the [Edit Project] option under Toolbox.

3. In the EDIT PROJECT page that is now open, make the required modifications and click on [Submit] to save the changes.

The modified project is now saved and available in the list of projects in the PROJECT LIST page.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on modifications to any selected Project.

[edit] Edit Project Menu

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