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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal > Setup > Personal Profile > Domain Migration(Tab)

[edit] Authenticated Domains

When the Project.net software is first installed, a single authentication domain is defined called "Global Domain." Since there is only a single authentication domain, all users register with and log in against this domain. The Global Domain is based on Project.net's native authentication, that is, the software stores the password and authenticates the user when they log in.

As an alternative, Project.net can authenticate against one or more LDAP or Active Directory servers. In fact, Project.net can select among alternate LDAP/AD servers based upon the active configuration. Where Active Directory configuration differs from LDAP the differences are called out.

[edit] Personal Profile - Domain Migration

Choosing the Domain Migration tab in the PERSONAL PROFILE Page enables the user to switch between different domains. The Domain selected determines who will be authenticating the user's login.

Domain Migration
Domain Migration

The options on the list of the domains the user has access to, is provided by the administrator at the time of setting up the accounts of the user. These can be the Systems built-in user authentication, or the external LDAP or the Domain Server. The [Domain Migration] option will move the user login from one authenticator to another. This happens generally when a Project.net server that was set up using Project.net's built-in user authentication (Global Domain) switches to a central LDAP server.

If there are no other domains that have been setup other than the Global domain then an alert message "There are currently no supported domains to migrate to" is displayed.

[edit] To Migrate a Domain

  1. From the list of the authentications under the Domain Migration channel, select a domain to which the application needs to be Migrated.
  2. Click on the icon representing [Migrate Domain] in the Domain Migration channel.

The system is now migrated to the domain selected.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on Domain Migration.

[edit] Profile License Menu

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