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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal > Assignments

[edit] Personal Assignments Overview

The PERSONAL ASSIGNMENTS page is the single most used page in the application. It is the central place for users to work and interact. The ASSIGNMENTS page shows a list of all of the assignments that the user is working on.

This page includes the list of tasks or assignments assigned to the user and the tasks and assignments assigned by the user. Assignments can also be based on the type of assignments categorized into Meeting, Task and Form.

These assignments can be grouped based on business, projects and assignments and also sorted and filtered based on various options.

[edit] Personal Assignments Contents

On choosing the [Personal Assignments] option in the Personal Dashboard, all assignments pertaining to the logged in user is displayed, with grouping based on the Business and Projects. The other tabs on Blog, wiki and Timeline display respective information for the selected assignment in the Personal Assignments list.

Personal Assignments
Personal Assignments

Assignment Filters:

The Assignment filters channel in the Assignments page will include the following options, the selection on the choices of which will display the list in the Assignmnents page. They can be as follows:

[edit] Date Range

Date range will include values on the From Date and the To Date to provide the range or the period in which the Assignment list is to be provided. Select these dates from the calendar icon that are present against the Date Range fields.

[edit] Name

Name is the search criteria that lists the Assignments with regard to the search characters for the name provided. The list on the Assignments page can be based on the search characters that is equal to/Not equal to/contains the characters of the search name that is provided.

[edit] Work % Complete

The Assignment list in the page will also depend on the work complete % and the values that may correspond to Equal to/Not Equal to/Less than/Greater than the provided entry in the field. Assignments that Equal to 100% work complete are completed assignments.

[edit] Business

The business drop down in the Filters option contains the values of "All" along with the list of the names of all the businesses. Assignment list on display can also depend on the selection of any particular business in the drop down list or by choosing the "All" option which lists Assignments that belong to all the businesses.

[edit] Project Filters

Choosing the "All" option under the Business drop down filter will list all projects under the different businesses in the list. Select any projects or groups of projects will display the assignments that are available in these projects.

Choosing any particular business in the Business drop down will list assignments from projects in the business selected. In this case, the project filter drop down list is now disabled for selected.

[edit] Show Assignments

The different filter options under Show Assignments include

All - All assignments irrespective of their work in progress.
Late - List all assignments that are late on Progress.
Should Have Started - Assignments that should have started.
In Progress - Assignments that are in progress.
Coming Due - Assignments that are due for completion.

Selecting any of these filters in the list and clicking on the Apply button will define the filters provided and list assignments based on them. The "Clear Filters" button can be used to clear the filters defined for the default list of all the assignments.

[edit] To Create a New Task or Sub Task

  1. Go to Personal/Assignments
  2. Highlight the project or task you wish to create a task for
  3. Click [New Assignment] in the left column
  4. Fill in the fields for
    • Task name - Name of the task
    • Description - Description of the task
    • Work - Work can be defined as the Number of hours/days or weeks
    • Start Date - Start date for the task
    • Due Date - End date of the task
    • Resources - Select the allocated resources from the list of available resources.
  5. Click on the checkbox of [resources] the task will be assigned to.
  6. Click on the [% Assigned] column for each resource and input the numerical value for the percentage of the task to be allocated to that resource
  7. Click [Submit]

A new Task now been created.

[edit] To Edit a Task

  1. Go to Personal/Assignments
  2. Double click on the task you wish to edit. The VIEW TASK page is now open.
  3. To edit Resources on a Task
  4. Click on the Resources tab
  5. Make necessary changes to the pertinent fields
  6. Click [Update]
  7. If there are no allocation errors, click [Submit].

[edit] Column Settings

The columns in the Assignment list page can be defined based on the selection of the columns that are required by the user.

  1. Go to the Personal tab
  2. Click [Assignments] in the submenu
  3. Click on the Column Settings icon in the filter settings channel.
  4. Select the required columns that needs to be displayed in the Assignment list.
  5. Submit the selection to obtain the assignment list with the columns selected.

The columns in the list can also be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the column headers.

[edit] To Report Hours Worked on an Assignment

  1. Go to Personal/Assignments
  2. Select the relevant assignment
  3. Click on [Blogit]
  4. Click on [Capture Work]
  5. Select the day or week you wish to report hours on
  6. Fill in the hours you worked in that time frame in the field(s) provided
  7. Enter a subject for the blog
  8. Write content for the blog
  9. If blog is important, click checkbox underneath Content Box
  10. Hours worked against that assignment have now been reported.

[edit] Filter Presets

In the PERSONAL ASSIGNMENTS page, check for the options under Assignments to view the list of options to obtain the report on Assignments. They may be

  • Assigned by Me
  • All Assignments
  • Completed Assignments
  • Assignments in Progress
  • Assignments coming due
  • Should have started Assignments
  • Late Assignments

All these options display the number of assignments along with them for easy reference. Clicking on the respective option will display the list of assignments based on the selection. A new tab with the selected option is also created along with the tabs on Assignments and Timeline.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry on Assignments.
  • New Assignment - Choose New Assignment for a selected task in the Assignment list to create a New Assignment for the task.
  • Utilization Summary - Selecting this option will open to the Utilization Calendars page of the logged in user.

[edit] Personal Assignments Menu

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