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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Projects > Setup > Notifications > Create a New Notification

[edit] Create New Subscription

Create New Subscription
Create New Subscription

Choosing the link on CREATE A NEW NOTIFICATION in the Notifications window opens to the Create New Notification window.

1. Select the status of the notification to be Enabled or Disabled. Based on the selection, the created notification in the Manage Notifications list is displayed by enabled or disabled status.

2. Enter the name and the description of the Notification to be created.

3. In the option on "Items and Actions to be notified about", select the Item Type from the drop down field.

On selecting the item from the drop down, the list of actions pertaining to the selected item is displayed. It is now required to select the actions on these items that needs to be notified.

  • Participant Deleted
  • Project Edited
  • Project Deleted
  • Participant Invited
  • Participant Edited
  • News Item Added
  • News Item Modified
  • News Item Deleted
Discussion Groups
  • New Discussion Group
  • Edit Discussion Group
  • Delete Discussion Group
  • Remove Post
  • Task Assignment
  • New Task
  • Edit Task
  • Delete Task
  • Change Task Status
Form Type
  • New Form
  • Edit Form
  • Delete Form
  • New Form Data
  • Edit Form Data
  • Remove Form Data
Form Data
  • New Form Data
  • Edit Form Data
  • Remove Form Data
Discussion Post
  • Remove Post
  • New Reply
  • New Post
  • Edit the properties of a document or folder
  • Move a document
  • Remove a document
  • Check in a document
  • Check out a document
  • Undo the checking out of a document
  • View a document
  • View the version of a document
  • View document properties
Document Folders
  • Document uploaded to this folder
  • New Folder created in this folder
  • This folder is removed
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • Commented
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • Image Uploaded

4. Select the Delivery method and the Delivery Schedules from the options available in the respective drop downs. The Delivery Schedules can be any of the following:

  • Immediately
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

5. In the option on "Select Additional Team Members or Enter External E-mail Addresses to Send This Notification to:", click on the arrow icon to list the available members in the Business. All members of the current Business/Project are now listed.

6. Checkbox against the respective members to select them for the notification.

7. Provide details on other external email addresses and messages if any that need to be added to the notification and click on Submit.

The new notification is now created and listed in the Manage Notifications page.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this option allows the user to create a blog entry for a notification.

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