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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business > Setup > Templates

[edit] View Templates Overview

View Business Templates
View Business Templates

All Templates that have been already created are displayed on choosing the [Manage Templates] option under Mange Templates in Business Setup. Separate lists of Business and Project Templates are displayed in this page.

New Templates can be created using the [New Template] option under Toolbox and existing templates deleted using the [Remove Template] option. Choosing the [Edit Template] option under the Toolbox can enable the user to edit the details of the already created template.

[edit] New Template

Clicking on the [New Template] option from the toolbox options opens to the [SAVE AS TEMPLATE] page.

Enter the Template Name for the template that needs to be created, the Business under which this Template must be listed, Description and user Scenarios for the Template. Select the Modules that needs to be included in this template by selecting the check boxes against the module names listed under [Included Modules].

Click on [SUBMIT] to save the Template.

The created new template will be listed on the Manage Templates page for the selected business under which it is created.

[edit] Edit Template

Choosing the [Edit Template] option under the Toolbox enables the user to make modifications and changes to the Template already created.

  • Select the Template from the list of templates already created.
  • Click on the [Edit Template] option under Toolbox.
  • In the Edit Template Properties window, make the required changes and click on [SUBMIT] to save the changes.

[edit] Delete Template

Select this option to delete the template that is no longer required for use. Click on [YES] when the confirmation delete message on [Are you sure you want to delete this message?] is displayed to confirm deletion of the template.

[edit] Expand All/Collapse All=

Each of the created Templates in the list has the Expand All/Collapse All button that can be invoked to enable or disable the details of the Templates.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry that relate to Project Templates.
  • New Template - Selecting this allows the user to create a a new Template entry.
  • Edit Template - Selecting this options allows the user to edit details of a selected Template.
  • Delete Template - Choosing this option alerts a confirmation popup for the deletion of the selected template.
  • New Business
  • New Project

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