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[edit] Where in Project.net

[edit] Manage Charge codes

The Manage Charge Codes option is available only to the admin user of the application. This feature allows to define that charge codes that would applied to calculate the charges on the basis of the Timesheet. These timesheets can be for assigned tasks, non- assigned tasks and for leave or absence.

Choosing the Manage Charge Codes under the Business Setup opens to the Manage Charge codes page.

Manage Charge Codes
Manage Charge Codes

1. Select the Check box on "Use Charge Codes" to enable Charge Codes to make the Charge Code user interface available in the appropriate places in Project.net (Timesheet, Blog-it, Tasks, Forms). Disabling it will not erase charge codes that you have created, but simply hide the interface from other parts of Project.net.

2. List of all the charge codes already created will be displayed classified into Work and Non-Work Charge codes.

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