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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Projects > Documents > View Properties > Discuss(Tab)

Business/Projects > Discussions > (Select Discussion Group)

[edit] Discussion Posts Overview

Discussion Posts
Discussion Posts

Clicking on a linked Discussion group in the list opens to the Discussion Posts page. The default post for a group is the welcome post. Details of every post will include the subject, message and number of views for the post.

[edit] To Create a New Post

1. In the Discussions page, click on the [New Subject] option under Toolbox.

2. In the New post window, enter the subject and the message of the post and click on [Submit].

The new post is now created and listed along with the other posts for the discussion.

[edit] To Reply to a Post

1. Select the post, a reply for which has to be posted, and click on [Reply Post] option under Toolbox.

2. Enter the subject and message for the reply post and click on [Submit] to save the reply for the post.

The reply for the post is displayed beneath the main post in the list of posts in the Discussion page.

[edit] To View Properties of a Post

1. Select the post for which the properties is to be viewed and click on the [View Properties] option under Toolbox.

2. The properties of the selected post is displayed under three different channels grouped under;

  • Post Properties
  • Reader History
  • Links

Click on the [Back] button in the Post properties channel to enable the list view of the posts in the Discussion page.

[edit] To Notify a Post

1. Go to the BUSINESS or PROJECT tab.

2. Select a BUSINESS or PROJECT from the list.

3. In the selected Dashboard page, click on the [Discussions] option from the top menu bar. The DISCUSSIONS page is now open with the list of Discussion groups already created.

4. Click on a Discussion Group in the list to view the posts that are grouped under it.

5. Select a post that needs to be notified and click on the [NOTIFY] option from the Toolbox.

5. The [New Notification] window is now open, with the following options that needs to be provided to create a notification.

Provide the enabled or disabled status of the Notification.

Name of the Notification
Enter a Name for the notificaiton.

A short description detailing the type of the notification.

Actions to be Notified about
Options in this section will include Remove Post, New Reply and New Post.

Delivery Method
The method of delivery of the notification is selected from the options that is provided in the drop down.

Delivery Schedule
Options on how often these notifications are to be delivered are defined in this section. This is selected from the drop down options on Immediately, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Message that is accompanied with the Notification.

6. Provide all the required entries and click on [SUBMIT] to save the Notification.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on Discussion posts.
  • New Subject - Choosing this option allows the user to create a new subject on Discussion Posts.
  • New Reply - Choosing this option allows the user to create a reply for an already created post.
  • Delete Post - Selecting this allows the user to delete a post entry.
  • View Properties - Choosing this option enables the user to view the properties of a post.
  • Notify - Selecting this option allows the user to be notified of any additions, modifications or deletions to the posts.
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