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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Projects > Directory

[edit] Directory Improvements

Directory Improvements
Directory Improvements

The simple improvements that are incorporated to reduce the number of steps in the process of adding team mates to the Projects are accounted for in the Directory Improvements section. The most important option offered under this module is the possibility to invite a member to multiple projects and businesses.

[edit] Invite Member from other Businesses

1. Select the [Invite Member] option in the DIRECTORY PARTICIPANTS page.

2. The [Business Directory] field in this page, is a drop down with the list of all the businesses already created.

3. Selecting a Business from this list will display the list of members already available in the selected business.

4. If a member from this list is required to be added in the selected business directory, click on the right arrow to add that to the New Invitees list. Add the New invitee to the list of the existing members.

[edit] Invite Member by email address

1. Provide the First name, Last name and the email address of the person who is to be invited as a member to the business.

2. Select the required down arrow to add the member to the list of members to be invited to the current business.

3. Click on the [Add New Invitees] to add the selected invitees to the Directory list.

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