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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business > New Business

[edit] Create Business Overview

In order to create a new business click on the [New Business] option under Toolbox in the BUSINESS LIST page.

The NEW BUSINESS Page will require

  • General Information
  • Business Address Information

[edit] General Information

General Information of a Business will include


1. Business Name - Name of the Business to be created.

2. Business Type - Nature or Type of the Business

3. Sub-Business of - If the current Business is a sub-business of any existing business, then select the business from the list.

4. Business Description - Description of the Business

5. Apply Template - If this business depends on a Template created, then select the Template from the list.

[edit] Business Address Information

Once the General Information of the Business is provided, the step step is to provide the Business Address Information. Details in this page include


1. Business Address - Address information for the Business

2. City/State/Province - City, State and Province of the Business identity

3. Zip Code/Postal Code - Zip and Postal Code of the Business Address

4. Country - Country of the Business

5. Business Phone Number - Phone Number that is allocated to the Business

6. Business Fax Number - Fax Number that relates to this Business.

7. Business Website - Website URL to access information on this business

Click on [Finish] to complete the creation of a New Business. The created Business is now displayed along with the other created businesses in the BUSINESS LIST page.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry that relates to the creation of a new business.

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