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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Activity

[edit] Activity Overview

Activity List
Activity List

Any action carried out by the users of the project is recorded in the Activity log of the project to which they belong to. Latest entries are found on the top while the earlier ones are listed below. This list is also capable of filtering and sorting the objects in the list based on object types, event types, and event times.

[edit] Filtering objects in the list

The list of entries in the Activity window can be listed based on the following filters:

Team Members
Marked entries from Blog
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • Commented
  • Posts that are commented
  • Important
Wiki Entries
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • Image Uploaded
  • Imported
  • Properties Edited
  • Removed
  • Checked in
  • Checked out
  • Undo checked out
  • Folder created
  • Folder deleted
  • Moved
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted
  • New Task
  • Task Properties Edited
  • Deleted Task
  • New
  • Edited
  • Deleted

Select the options based on which the filter entries are to be displayed and click on the Apply button to list the activity entries based on the filters defined.

[edit] Activity list for a defined Date

To obtain the list of activity entries for a specific date, select the date from the [Jump to Date] option for the date on which the Activity list is to be displayed.

[edit] Activity list for Today, Yesterday to Today, 2days

Activity entries are generally listed by default for the current day or today. However, by clicking on the forward and the previous arrows, the list can be obtained for the earlier days.

[edit] Post comments to the Activity

1. Click on the [Comment] link against every activity in the list to enable posting of comments to the selected activity entry.

2. In the comments window, enter the comments for the Activity and click on [Submit] to save the comments for the activity.

3. Click on [Cancel] to quit the comment window without save.

[edit] Marking an Activity

In order to mark an activity in the list:

1. Click on the tick mark against the activity to mark the selected activity.

2. The selected activity is now marked with a tick mark in green color.

3. Clicking on this tick mark will reverse the mark and the activity is now unmarked.

[edit] Move to the object from the Activity entry

The object to which the Activity entry is created is displayed as a link in the Activity entry list. Clicking on this link will move to the object page of this activity.

[edit] Accessing the Blog of the user

Every entry in the Activity list also includes the name of the user responsible for the Activity. This user is displayed as a link. Click on the linked name of the user, to open to the blog page of the selected user.

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