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How task dates calculated after linking multiple tasks

Let's say we have 4 tasks with start date/end date as 06-June-11. Now if user selects all tasks starting from task T1 to T4 and click on "Link Tasks" option from left side toolbar then following table shows how dates are calculated,

First task's start date/end date will not change but for rest of the tasks start date/end date will changed. Second tasks will take the next day of first task as it's start date,third task will take next day of second task as it's start date...and so on.

Task Start Date End Date
T1 06-June-11 06-June-11
T2 07-June-11 07-June-11
T3 08-June-11 08-June-11
T4 09-June-11 09-June-11

Changing dates of linked tasks

If user changed the start date date of task T1 then following table will show the changes in task's start/end dates.

Task Start Date End Date
T1 13-June-11 13-June-11
T2 14-June-11 14-June-11
T3 15-June-11 15-June-11
T4 16-June-11 16-June-11
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