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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business > Directory > Manage By Person

[edit] Manage By Person

The [Manage By Person] option under the Directory module of Business helps to Invite new members and remove any existing members from any specific Business or Businesses.

Manage By Person
Manage By Person

1. Select the required option from the drop down on "Show People From". The options available in this list will include:

  • This Business - List the members who belong to the current selected Business.
  • This Business Tree - List the members who belong to the current selected Business and other sub businesses and projects under this Business.
  • All visibile Businesses - List the members who belong all the visible businesses that are set against the logged in user.

2. Select the Member from the list that is displayed who needs to be added to the Business. There are three options that can be made use of on selecting this member.

  • Show ONLY businesses and projects to which this person has access
  • Show ALL child businesses and Projects
  • Automatically select child businesses and projects when a checkbox is selected

3. Select the required option from among the three options available.

Send Email
Send Email

4. The roles and the properties of the member for the different businesses are also displayed in this page.

5. Make the required modifications and click on "Save Changes" to save the changes to the properties of the Member

6. Click on the checkbox against "Send Email to <Member Name> to send email to the respective member with regard to the changes.

7. First time loading of this page will load the users from current business and show the list Business and projects" list will be blank on first time load of page and no user selected by default.

8. Business & Projects Table - support for Show ONLY businesses and projects to which the user has access and Show ALL child businesses & projects radio buttons currently supports Show ONLY businesses and projects to which the user has access

9. When a person is selected from the list of people, shown all projects and businesses where person has membership, and shown role checkboxes for the 3 default roles (Team Member, Space Admin, Power User) for each. Displayed a check mark if the person has the role.

10. Allow businesses and projects nodes can be expanded and collapsed

11. Support Saving Changes The first time that the state of role checkbox is changed, shown the yellow block with Send e-mail, Save Changes and Cancel at the bottom of the page.

12. Cancel closes the yellow block, and reverts any changes made by the user to the last saved state. - Save Changes saves the changes and closes the yellow block . If the user tries to navigate away from the page while the yellow block is displayed, an alert is displayed with message "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? ".

13. Support sending e-mail on changes.

14. Support Listing Team Members from all Visible Businesses.

15. Only Show Workspaces to Which the Chosen Person Has Access It loads all businesses and projects to which selected member has access and current user has visibility and displayed total businesses and projects count in the table.

16. Supports Custom Roles column

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