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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business >> Setup >> Manage Custom URLs

[edit] Manage Custom URLs

The Custom URLs created will be shown the sidebars of the specified page where it has been defined. Choosing the Manage Custom URL under the Setup option of the Business workspace opens to the Manage Custom URL page.

Manage Custom URLS
Manage Custom URLS

The check box on "Show Custom URLs" when selected means Custom URLs will be available in the sidebar of the specified page. If not shown, the links are not erased, but simply will not appear on the specified pages.

These Custom URLs will open in a new browser window.

Below are the list of Custom URLs already created.

[edit] New Custom URL

Choosing the New Custom URL option under toolbox will open the the New Custom URL window. The following fields of entry are to be provided for the creation of a new Custom URL:

New Custom URL
New Custom URL
  • Status : Enabled or Disabled status to show view or hide the URL created.
  • URL : the URL itself
  • Nickname : Nickname for the URL
  • Description : Description for the created URL
  • Appear on : Select the pages where this URL needs to appear.

Having provided the above details, click on Submit to save the Custom URL created.

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