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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Project > Directory > Participants > Invite Member

[edit] Add a Participant to a Business or a Project

There are two steps that must be completed before someone can participate in a business or project within Project.net: he or she must register with Project.net, creating a user account, and the person must be added to the business or project directory. Fortunately, these steps can happen in any order.

One thing to note: if a person is added to a business of project before registering, when that person does register, Project.net will match that new registration to the existing business or project directory by the user's email address. This is why it is important for a user to register using the same email address as his or her project invitation; once the registration is complete and Project.net has matched the two the user can easily change his or her address.

[edit] Registering With Project.net

For more information on registering as a new user in Project.net refer to User Registration

[edit] Adding Someone to a Business or Project Directory

There are three ways to add one or more people to a business: by invitation, import the users from a file or add them directly from a business directory.

[edit] Invite Member

Invite Member
Invite Member

In order to add a new participant to a Business or Project, the member to be added must first be invited to the project. The necessity of an invited participant accepting an invitation is dependent upon the type of invitation you select.

To invite a member into the Business or project, enter the first name, last name and the email address of the participant to add the new invitees to the project.

There are two invitation types:

  1. require invitees to accept invitation -> the invitee receives the invitation as a new item in his/her personal workspace. To participate in the project, the invitee has to accept the invitation by clicking on the accept button.
  2. automatically accept invitation -> no acceptance by the invitee is necessary- the project is automatically listed in the project listing of the invitee.

[edit] Invite Participant Process

  1. Go to the BUSINESS or PROJECT tab.
  2. From the Business or Project area, select a BUSINESS or PROJECT from the list.
  3. Click DIRECTORY in the submenu.
  4. Click [Invite Participant] in the Toolbox.
  5. To Search in the Directory, pull down the directory you wish to search.
  6. Type in the person’s name or leave blank to search all.
  7. Select the checkbox for that person and click [Add Selected].
  8. To Invite by email address fill in name and email fields.
  9. Click [Add to Invitee List].
  10. Click [Next].

The page is now redirected to the Member information page of the Business/Project participant.

[edit] Import Members

Import Members
Import Members
  1. Go to the BUSINESS tab.
  2. From the Business area, select a BUSINESS from the list.
  3. Click DIRECTORY in the submenu.
  4. Click [Invite Participant] in the Toolbox.
  5. Choose the [Import Members] option from the toolbox options in this page. The Import Members popup window is now open.
  6. Select the File type from the file type drop down.
  7. Browse for the file that is to be imported and click on the [Upload] button. For information on the different types of files that can be uploaded into the system refer to File Formats for import.

The file with the member details is uploaded and all available members in the file are added to the business.

[edit] Manage Directory

It is also possible to add members by search from a business directory they are already members in. List of members who are available based on the search criteria provided are displayed. The required members can be added to the current project.

For more information on the different ways of inviting a member to a project or business, refer to Invite Members.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on addition of a member in the Directory.
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