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[edit] Project.net Downloads

Your one-stop-shop for installation packages, reference manuals and developer documentation related to Project.net.

[edit] Deployment Downloads

The installation packages for Project.net 9.0 can be downloaded from Project.net SourceForge.net. Use the following list to choose which package to download.

[edit] New Installations

  • For a default Project.net 9.0 system on a Linux-based server use Default_installation_linux900.tar.gz
  • For a default Project.net 9.0 system on a Windows-based server use Default_installation_win900.tar.gz
  • Make sure to follow the Default Installation Instructions for either of these installers.
  • For a Project.net 9.0 system on OS X or any other operating system use Custom_installation_900.zip
  • For a custom Project.net 9.0 installation (utilizing an existing Oracle or Tomcat server) on all operating systems use Custom_installation_900.zip
  • Make sure to follow the Production Installation instructions on Linux/Windows for either of these installers.

[edit] Upgrades to Existing Installations

  • To upgrade an existing version 8.4.* or 9.0 beta server use Custom_installation_900.zip with these Upgrade Instructions.

[edit] License Files

  • License master properties and key for Project.net - Image:OS-license-Tomcat.zip (all versions)
    • (Even though the above link looks like an Image link, it is actually a link to the zip file)
    • Note, these are also included in the installation packages.

[edit] User Downloads

  • [wiki:LicensePPL Project.net PPL License]

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[edit] More Help

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