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[edit] Moving a Project.net Installation from One Server to Another

[edit] Introduction

These steps discuss the process for moving an installed Project.net server from one system to another. It involves setting up a new copy of Project.net on the new system, moving the data from the old system to the new one and, finally, changing any Project.net system-dependent settings.

If you are using a virtual machine (VM) to create a new server, just follow the directions for changing the hostname to match the new server's hostname.

[edit] Steps

  1. Begin by installing Project.net on your new server. Make sure you can log in as appadmin but do not configure anything beyond that.
  2. Back-up the database and document vault on the existing server.
  3. Import the database into your new server.
  4. Copy the document vault to the new server (make sure the folder ownerships and permissions are correct).
  5. Change the hostname in the new Project.net installation to match that of the new server. You will NOT need to change the Oracle configuration files.

[edit] More Help

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