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[edit] Templates Overview

[edit] What is a Template?

The templates module allows you to display at a glance the templates portfolio with the user's stored personal templates.

Project.net allows the user to save workspaces as templates, store those templates, and reuse them later for similar projects. When creating a template, you can save some or all modules of a project for future use. Templates can also be created manually from scratch.

For more information on creating a Template, refer Create a Template

[edit] Features of a Template

In general, users will use the Template in the following manner.

1. Users will create "master" projects or businesses that will serve as the source for a template.

2. These masters will not be used except to create a templates for use elsewhere.

3. If a template needs to be changed, the change will be made to the "master" and a new template created to replace the now out-dated version, which will have to be deleted.

4. When creating a template it is good to describe what the template contains in its meta data, for later reference.

5. Most customers will create a "Template Masters" project just to contain their template masters. Keeping the masters in a separate project will a) remind users that these are not "regular" projects and should not be used to track project progress, and b) it will make it easier to organize and track their templates.

[edit] Can the created Templates be stored?

Templates can be stored in:

1. your Personal workspace

2. any of your business workspaces

Once stored in these workspaces, you can modify and add objects to the templates as if they were an actual project, using the same steps as you would in a project.

[edit] How can I access a Template?

You can enter a requested template by clicking the template name. After clicking the template name you are forwarded to the template workspace and the selected template dashboard is now open.

For more information on Template Properties, refer Clicking on a Template

[edit] What are the different ways to create a Project Template?

Project Template can be created in two ways:

[edit] Will all the modules in the workspace be included in the Template?

When a Template is created, you can decide if some or all modules of the workspace will be stored. Templates can also be created manually from scratch. Once stored, these templates can be modified and processed, as if they were an actual project. The Use scenario in the template details section should clearly indicate the type of project or business for which this template would be used.

[edit] Are the changes in the workspace carried over to the Template?

After a Workspace has been saved as a Template, the changes made to that project are not carried over to the template. The template needs to be modified again to reflect the changes made to the project.

[edit] Can I create a Project from a Template?

Yes, You can create a Project from an existing Template. The new Project will have all the modules that the Template had.

1. If saved, any documents, Forms, processes etc will be applied to this project.

2. Form Data and status will not be applied.

3. Forms area will be blank and the status of each Phase will be listed as "Not Started".

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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