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[edit] Project Properties Overview

A number of project properties have been provided for the project workspace. However, some of these properties are only available in the modify mode or in the property view mode.

The properties are grouped into several channels:

[edit] Description

In this channel, you have the ability to define the project itself and the parent workspace (Business or Project in the case of a sub-project). Fields highlighted in bold are mandatory and required fields.You can define the default currency of the project here.

[edit] Project visibility

This channel allows users to control the visibility of the project in the project portfolio listing. There are three levels of visibility:

  • Visibility to Project Participants only.
  • Visibility to members of a Business even if they are not participants to the Project.
  • Visibility to all authenticated users.

The Description of Current Status is an optional text box that allows a project owner to add additional information or declarations about the current project status.

[edit] Planning Dates

This is where you are able to define the start date and the estimated end date of the project.

[edit] Overall Status

The general status of the project with the respective color codes, the overall improvement, as well as the overall completion can be defined in this channel. Project managers have the ability to define a status and an improvement statement. There are three improvement statuses;

  • Improving
  • No Change
  • Worsening

When combined with a color, selecting each status will display an up arrow, circle, or down arrow of the selected color.

[edit] Financial Status

This channel provides information on;

  • Budgeted total costs
  • Current estimated total costs
  • Actual costs to date
  • Estimated ROI- return of investment

The currency is specified by the default project currency in the channel Description. All projects in a portfolio must use the same currency for the currency pie chart to be displayed.

[edit] Other Properties

This channel on Other Properties contains the following information;

  • A project sponsor

This is an optional text field that allows the project manager to associate the project with a project sponsor.

  • A cost center

This is an optional text field that captures the cost center information.

  • The project priority on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • The project risk on a scale of 1 to 5.

[edit] More Help

[edit] Project.net User Guide

[edit] On-line Help

[edit] Project.net FAQ

[edit] Project.net User Forum

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