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[edit] Project Phases Overview

The process module in the Project workspace is where you can define a process and the phases that form the heart or life cycle of your project. Each project will only have one process but can have several phases.

The Process is first created for a Project and then the different phases in the Project. Each Phase has its Gates, Deliverables and the tasks and milestones that relate to the phase.

[edit] What can you find in a Phase?

Thus Phases consist of a set of related things that needs to be done. Typical project phases might be:

  • Design
  • Investigation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Testing and Release.

[edit] What do you find in a Project.net Phase?

A Project.net phase will generally include all the tasks in a Project. And these tasks are grouped into Deliverables and Gates. Milestone tasks can also be created and made available under this Phase.

[edit] How to proceed from a Phase?

The decision to move on to the next phase can be based upon whether all of the tasks were completed, if all of the deliverables (if any) are ready or the appropriate people have approved the completion. This thereby helps to move ahead on the different stages in the Project.

[edit] Can I track progress on a Phase?

Generally, at the end of a phase there is a review meeting to make sure all of the tasks were done and the project is ready to move to the next phase. Progress on Phases can be tracked manually but, if you have tasks assigned to each Phase, a Phase's progress will reflect the progress of its tasks.

A review or checkpoint meeting at the end of the phase is however optional.

For more information on tracking project progress in a Phase, refer Reporting Phase Progress

[edit] How to associate Tasks with a Phase?

A task is an assignment which will be assigned to one owner and several participants. A task, which can be associated with a phase, has a start and an end date, estimated work hours and effective work hours. In a task, participants have the ability to define their own status so that the owner will be able to determine the effective status of the task.

[edit] What are deliverables in a Phase?

A deliverable is any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result or item that must be produced to complete a phase or project.

Possible deliverable includes virtual or physical documents associated with the construction process. Because many deliverables contain graphical information, you can add a link to a deliverable. This link takes you directly to a document, greatly reducing time spent searching for a document while also ensuring that you also access the correct document.

Having a deliverable is optional. If you do have deliverables, they can be dropped into a workflow, such as phase sign-off workflow.

For more information on Deliverables, refer More on Deliverables

For more information to Create a Process, refer Create Process

For more information to define a Phase, refer Create Phase

[edit] More Help

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[edit] Project.net User Forum

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