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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal > Setup > Personal Profile > Name(Tab) > Skype (Field)

[edit] Skype Integration

[edit] What is Skype?

Skype is a free Internet telephony that helps to call other people over the internet.

[edit] Features of Skype

  • Talk to people all around the world for free using your PC, with a microphone and speakers or a headset by typing in the persons Skype user name.
  • Talk to people all around the world with Skypeout by dialling telephone numbers on your PC or by using a PC phone connected to your computer where calls will cost a very low rate!.
  • Set up conferences with other Skype users.
  • Send instant messages with Skype.
  • Add everyone you talk to to your Skype contacts which will then alert you when they are online.
  • Send files and pictures using Skype file transfer.

Thus, Integrating Skype into the project.net application enables easy communication of information among the team members of the project.

[edit] Skype Integration to Project.net

Integrating Skype into Project.net enables the project teammates to see whether a Project.net user is logged into Skype, even if that person is not logged into Project.net. Whenever you see someone's name in Project.net you will also see his or her Skype status. Members logged into Skype will also be able to initiate a Skype chat session with that person by choosing his or her Skype icon.

There are two things that needs to be done to configure Skype in order to view Skype status in Project.net: each Skype user must adjust his or her Skype privacy settings and each person must enter his or her Skype ID into their Project.net profile.

[edit] Adjusting the Skype Privacy Settings

To integrate this Skype into the application.

  1. Open the main Skype window.
  2. If the user is not signed into Skype, signin using a valid username and password.
  3. From the Skype menu choose [Tools] Options.
  4. In the Skype Options dialog click the [Privacy] item.
  5. User Privacy Settings will be displayed. Click on [Show Advanced Options] button to see the complete list of privacy settings.
  6. Check box marked on "Allow my status to be shown on the web."
  7. Click on [Learn More] to see more details about this option.
  8. Click [Save] to preserve the changed settings.

[edit] Enter your Skype ID in Project.net Profile

  1. Go to the Personal Setup page.
  2. Select the Personal Profile option in the Personal Setup page.
  3. In the Name tab of the Edit Profile page, check for the field on Skype.
  4. Enter your Skype ID here and click on [Submit] to save the change.

For information on Enabling and Disabling Skype Status, which is restricted to the Administrator, refer to Enabling/Disabling Common Project.net Features.

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