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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Workplan > Properties

[edit] Schedule Properties

Schedule Properties
Schedule Properties

Choosing the [Workplan] option for any project lists all the tasks that have been already created. The task list window has a link on [Schedule Properties]. Clicking on this link opens to the Schedule Properties window with the tabs on

  • Schedule Properties
  • Change Working Times
  • History
  • Baseline
  • Task list Decoration
  • Sharing
  • Tools

The default tab selected is the Schedule Properties tab which includes the details on

  • Schedule Name
  • Schedule Start Date
  • Schedule End Date
  • Default Timezone
  • Default Task Calculation Type

Click on the [Shift Workplan dates only] to shift the workplan dates of all the tasks in the list.

Checkbox against New Tasks are effort driven to define that any new tasks created are effort driven.

Checkbox against "Automatically calculate finish dates for tasks using dependencies" to automatically calculate the finish dates based on dependencies.

The other two options that have been added to Project.net version 9.2 are as follows:

[edit] Enable Inline Editing warning message

Project.net version 9.2 is set up so as to allow inline editing of the different tasks in the workplan. Clicking on the respective column field in the workplan list allows the user to edit details in that section. The checkbox here helps to enable or disable the warning message when the tasks undergo inline edits. If the checkbox on "Enable inline editing warning message" is selected, then an alert or warning message to describe the changes caused by the edit will be displayed. If this checkbox is not selected, there will not be any alerts on the edits made and will be saved on choosing the Submit button.

[edit] Enable unassigned tasks work capture

Choosing this option allows to capture work on any task that has not been assigned to a resource.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry relating to scheduling properties of a task.

[edit] Schedule Properties Menu

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